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Hi, I'm Maggie.

After spending nearly 10 years of my adult life searching for practitioners and self help programs to "heal" me and being consistently disappointed–I took my health into my own hands.

There had to be a way to improve my health and well being without making expensive changes to my diet and lifestyle.

I worked with a functional medicine practitioner, Chris Kresser, for 2 years and knew I needed to find a way to help people the way he helped me. I felt like I had my life back for the first time in a decade and I wanted to help others do the same.  

I started Integrative Healing to not only share what I learned about myself as a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition practitioner and Full Body Systems graduate over the past 8 years, but to work with people like me, looking for a practical way to spark positive change in their lives.

It is possible to take back your health and vitality. I will show you how!

Maggie Reinke 

Certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition (FDN) practitioner

Holistic Nutrition Lab Full Body Systems graduate

The School of Applied Functional Medicine: Hormones Demystified

MTHFR, methylation, & biochemstry master course: Metabolic Healing

MS, Human Physiology and Exercise Physiology, University of Oregon

BS, Science of Food Nutrition and Exercise, Virginia Tech 


I'll work with you, wherever you're at.


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You have a solid foundation with food and lifestyle and would like to pursue functional laboratory testing to identify sources of dysfunction in your body. 

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